Choosing a Minimalist WalletCase

Choosing a Minimalist WalletCase

Mar 8, 2024 · magsafe · phone · phone hand · phonecase
EZMO Magsafe wallet
Big Mac-sized wallets are out. Minimalist wallets are in.
Coins. Cash wads. Receipts. Event tickets. Expired customer loyalty cards.

Key points:
  • Digital payments and transactions are driving jumbo wallets into obsolescence.
  • Minimalist wallets are convenient alternatives for the increasingly digital world.
  • Minimalist wallets have maximum features.
  • There are various considerations to make when deciding on the best minimalist wallet for your needs.
  • Modern minimalist wallets feature MagSafe-compatibility, RFID skimming protection, and hybrid features such as smartphone kickstands.

These are just some of the items you likely don’t carry in your wallet today.

And why would you?

 Digital payments and transactions are mainstream. Essential physical cards are ample.

Which is why minimalist wallets make sense today.

Modern minimalist wallets – which we can also appreciate as part of the wider minimalist trend look great, feel great to carry, and abound with features unheard of in traditional wallets.

But there are decisions to be made. What do you need to consider when it’s time to find the best minimalist wallet for your needs

“If… you’ve ever had to shell a quick bank note to a child at the school gate, or pay a small-business service provider for a cash-in-hand job, you know that a bill in your wallet can still be a saviour.”

Out with the old wallet (left). In with the new (right).

Is a minimalist wallet right for you?

If you still prize a wallet that stores a large volume of your personal artefacts – receipts, loyalty cards, business cards, photos, and more – a minimalist wallet isn’t your best option.

However, 2023 Mastercard research found one third of survey respondents want the smallest-possible wallet or purse, because they don’t have space in their pockets for anything larger.

Nearly half of those surveyed stated they only carry a wallet or purse for essential cards – such as a driver’s license – and close to one third stated their current wallet or purse is smaller than the one they had five years earlier.

Other consumers we have listened to report that they still favour a wallet for essential cards, because it’s easy to grab them all at once.

Physical cash payments aren’t entirely history either. We know that you still might like to carry a bank note in your wallet for rainy-day occasions. If, for example, you’ve ever had to shell a quick bank note to a child at the school gate, or pay a small-business service provider for a cash-in-hand job, you know that a bill in your wallet can still be a saviour.

The DAVID Wallet doubles as a stand for your phone.


The best minimalist wallet features

There are various features to be aware of when shopping for the best minimalist wallet:

What size should my wallet be? Opt for a wallet that’s no more than four to five inches long, and three to four inches wide. Avoid pocket bulge by choosing a wallet that’s no more half an inch deep.

What do I need to know about wallet pockets? Your wallet’s pockets are essential to your user-experience. Look for a slim minimalist wallet with card slots specifically designed for your essential cards.

One of the hidden problems wallet users encounter after they shop wallets is that their new wallets’ pockets are too big to hold their cards in place. The other issue is that some pockets are so snug that inserting or retrieving your cards is a stiff ask.

Be aware, also, that some of the best minimalist wallets offer built-in locks in their card slots. These prevent your cards from falling out.

What is the best minimalist wallet material? The best minimalist wallets are made from materials that make you feel good. They should be resilient against everyday use. They should complement your sense of everyday style. They should feature material textures that make wallet-handling a pleasurable tactile experience. You might want a wallet that’s eco-conscious and animal-friendly too.

Popular wallet materials include leather, vegan leather, and cotton.

The DAVID Wallet magnetically attaches to your phone and prevents thieves skimming data from your cards.


What new features do modern minimalist wallets offer? Today’s best minimalist wallets are small but big on modern features: 

  • Some wallets double as kickstands that display your phone.
    • Look for a slim minimalist wallet stand that stands your phone in landscape and portrait.
    • Also favour a stand that enables you to freely tilt your phone screen for the best viewing angle.
  • Some of the best slim wallets also feature powerful in-built magnets, which enable you to attach your wallet to the back of your phone.
    • Choose a minimalist wallet that’s designed to attach to your phone when your phone is in a phone case.
    • Ensure your wallet is compatible with your model of phone. If you have an iPhone, for example, you’ll want a wallet with MagSafe compatibility.
  • Today’s wallets also feature RFID skimming protection. This feature prevents thieves obtaining your credit card and passport information with an RFID reading device.

Minimalist wallets are pocket-friendly.


The best slim wallets for men

There’s no hard and fast rule about which wallets are best for men and which are best for women.

Gendering the decision will ultimately reveal the diversity and variance in consumer choices.

However, some common features to keep an eye out for when you look for the best slim wallets for men are. 

  • A slim profile
  • Essentials-only features only (forget the coin pocket)
  • Earthy colours for a professional impression
  • Modern features (including RFID protection)

Most of all, however, look for a minimalist wallet that feels like you.

Learn more about CASELES's DAVID Wallet.

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